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Since LandPaths began our summer programs for youth in 2010, we have always comitted to offering 1/3 of all participants both tuition and transportation assistance, conducting extensive outreach every year to ensure that all Sonoma County kids have an opportunity to spend the summer outside.   Click here to donate.

Awesome Summer Job Opportunities!

LandPaths is Hiring!

Owl Camp John Burgess - Resized

LandPaths is seeking self-motivated, energetic, and creative individuals to help with the facilitation of our summer outdoor youth programs.  Please click below for a PDF of each job description.  Thanks for spreading the word!

Bilingual Camps Specialist

Camps Specialist 

Owl Camp Specialist


Day of the Child at Healdsburg Ridge

April 29th, 2018, 12-4pm

Join LandPaths for Day of the Child




On April 29, 2018, the Sonoma Environmental Education Collaborative (SEEC) will be hosting and celebrating Día Del Niño “Children’s Day”. Many countries around the world celebrate children through an annual holiday. In Mexico, Day of the Child takes place each year in April, and it’s a big deal! Many parents buy their children a gift, and schools hold big celebrations complete with games, music, performances, piñatas, and outings. Parks, restaurants, and sporting facilities hold special celebrations as well. 


Join LandPaths at Healdsburg Ridge for oodles of fun!


  • Meet baby goats from Redwood Hill Farm!  (And maybe feed them milk from a bottle!)
  • Drink some goat milk Kefir!
  • Free ice cream from the Umpqua Bank ice cream truck!
  • Check out what's swimming and creeping and hopping around Fox Pond!
  • Enjoy a self-guided "Quest" through the property - following clues that lead you on an exciting path around the property ending at the treasure box. 


Click here to register and learn more.


Friday, May 18th to Sunday, May 20th

Bohemia to the Sea

Poff Raptors
This has become the signature TrekSonoma 3-day experience to date - across the stunning mountains of West Sonoma County. Starting at LandPaths’ Bohemia Preserve off Bohemian Highway on Friday, we walk nearly 20 miles over the course of three days, finishing at Shell Beach on the Sonoma Coast just south of Goat Rock State Park.  First night, Bohemia Ecological Preserve with tenting at “Hut Hill,” with its big views and nearly zero (!) light sources to be seen from distant ridges after sundown.  Second night, a secluded privately owned ranch on the edge of Willow Creek State Park.  Click here to register.