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to May, 28 2017

LandPaths Family Trek ~ Shell Beach to Willow Creek Ranch (and back!)

Place: Trek Sonoma, tbd, Sonoma County, CA, tbd
Fee(s): $125.00 - Participants 12 and over, No Cost - Participants Under 12
Description:Families of all ages are invited to join LandPaths on a 2-day Trek beginning and ending at Shell Beach. From the coast we will walk five miles inland to a secluded privately owned ranch on the edge of Willow Creek State Park for an overnight of camping, storytelling, good food and a starry night around a fire. Families will be able to wander, play, and relax along the beautiful salmon-bearing Willow Creek. After a leisurely Sunday morning families will hike back to the coast over our beautiful coastal hills and through spring flowers. More >>
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