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In response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012 LandPaths immediately initiated a pilot program for teens, Inspired Forward, linking them to the outdoors through hiking, working to improve a landscape, cooking a healthy meal together and then engaging in a dialogue about true leadership, citizenship and a vision for a positive future.


Click here to read A Year in the Field with Inspired Forward (2014) on the LandPaths blog.


In 2014 LandPaths plans to grow this pilot program, working with 30 young people, boys and girls.  By 2015 we will partner with six youth and gang prevention programs, expanding our reach even more. 

Inspired Forward partners with youth-serving organizations such as Roseland Accelerated Middle School, MANA-Hermanitas, and Marcy Becerra Continuation School in Healdsburg to add a field-based program that compliments and re-enforces their existing youth development work.

LandPaths is currently securing 3-year funding to allow us to build the capacity, partnerships and infrastructure to successfully implement and refine this program. Specifically, with complete funding LandPaths will be able to supply transportation, a low student to staff ratio, equipment rental (kayaks, bikes, horse), healthy eating choices (and essential for successful physical activity), camping gear, and all other supplies for proposed outdoor adventures. 

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Click here to read A Year in the Field with Inspired Forward (2014) on the LandPaths blog.

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“I want to be successful in life...I want to have a good future not a bad one.I would want to do this again. The experience gave me an open mind on exploring further...It was relaxing and makes you forget any problems that you had and focus more on looking around. If there was an opportunity to go hiking again, I would definitely take it.  ~Inspired Forward Teen


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